V-line Lifting Care

We provide treatments to make your face into a V-line face by regenerating and rejuvenating the skin.

* All prices quoted are excluding GST

1 Session

SGD 268

Per Month
  • Price Information 1 Session
  • Duration 65min

10 Sessions

SGD 2,150

Per Month
  • Price Information 10 Sessions
  • Duration 65min

20 Sessions

SGD 3,768

Per Month
  • Price Information 20 Sessions
  • Duration 65min

V-line lifting care that helps skin regeneration and elasticity

As we age, the skin of the face sags and the muscles lose elasticity, causing the facial line to break. We manage V-line face shape with intensive elasticity care that helps skin regenerate.

Benefits of Treatment


  • Old looking face
  • No confidence without makeup
  • Dull skin tone
  • Inelastic skin
  • Dry skin

  • Elastic oval face
  • Shiny no makeup face
  • Clear and moist skin




Décolleté Care

Head Gua Sha Therapy

Skin Therapy


Skin Therapy


Facial Mask


*The care procedures may differ depending on the customer’s face and body condition on the day
*For nutrition (moisturization) and face shape care, we provide customized care according to your skin and face shape.