K-Contour Face Care

Discover confidence in every contour with “K-Contour Face Care.”

Our expert program reshapes and refines, achieving a smaller, sculpted face while bidding farewell to double chins.
Embrace precision and elegance—unveil a confident you.


* All prices quoted are excluding GST

1 Session

SGD 328

Per Month
  • Price Information 1 Session
  • Duration 1h 10m

10 Sessions

SGD 2,625

Per Month
  • Price Information 10 Sessions
  • Duration 1h 10m

20 Sessions

SGD 4,598

Per Month
  • Price Information 20 Sessions
  • Duration 1h 10m
A Promise to Our Customers
Yakson Promise: Should the plaster mask cast on your inaugural session fail to envelop that of your 20th session,

we vow to persist with additional sessions, free of charge, until our standards are justifiably met.

Terms & Conditions
Yakson Promise only applies to the first 20 sessions package purchase holder.

However, Yakson will continue to follow the process of mask size monitoring for subsequent package purchases.                                                                                                                                                            Yakson Promise is not applicable to customers above 60 years of age, and did not complete their first 20 session within 12 months from purchase date.

Maintain a small and slim face, with defined jaw line

For individuals who frequently experience facial bloating and have excess fat, or those struggling with the appearance of a prominent double chin, our program provides dedicated care. Experience the transformation to a smoother jawline and the attainment of a smaller, slimmer face.

Benefits of Treatment


  • Big face
  • Square face
  • Long face / Large head
  • Face with no clear jawline
  • Skin without elasticity
  • Fleshy face
  • Puffy face

  • Small face
  • Egg-shaped face
  • Smooth jawline
  • Youthful and good impression
  • Confidence in one’s appearance



Décolleté Care

Head Golki™ Therapy

Double Chin Care 1

Double Chin Care 2

Signature Golki™ Therapy

Facial Mask


*The care procedures may differ depending on the customer’s face and body condition on the day.
*For nutrition (moisturization) and face shape care, we provide customized care according to your skin and face shape.

Did my first trial with them on weekend (Egg-cellent Face Care). Very pleasant experience with the therapist and master. The place is cosy, clean ...
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.02.05 | 조회 14 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
I enjoyed the whole treatment. Master Kelly and Helen did a fantastic job and I see result on my face. Thank to both of them. 😜
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.02.05 | 조회 4 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Enjoyed my session at Yakson Star Vista today! It was a very enjoyable session and Elina and Helen were very skillful !
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.02.05 | 조회 6 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Therapies Emily, Helen and Master Kally, both are very professional.. they will explain each step of the treatment. Some treatment can be painful ...
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.02.05 | 조회 6 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Golki Masters are skilful, friendly and able to communicate well about the services they are providing each and every step. Also, they have capabl...
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.02.05 | 조회 5 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
The treatment is very effective and comfortable. The master and the staff are very friendly too.
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.02.05 | 조회 8 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Great treatment! Therapist Julie and Master Elina were very professional and kind. The whole process was very comfortable and I feel like I could ...
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.02.05 | 조회 10 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Staff members are always cheery, patient, and helpful. Master Elina and Kally are very experienced and meticulous in their work. The Yakson@starvis...
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.02.05 | 조회 3 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Had a good session today with Master Elena and Helen. Thank you and looking forward to the next session.
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.02.05 | 조회 7 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Waiting for an answer
Did my first trial with them on weekend. Very pleasant experience with the therapist and master. The place is cosy, clean and comfortable. Love the...
The Star Vista | M.T | 2024.01.22 | 조회 18 | IP 202.42.♡♡.54
Good service from both Julie and Elina! Felt the effects right away. -C L-
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.01.04 | 조회 22 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Had a very pleasant experience here, the place is clean, comfortable and the therapists were also patient in explaining what they will be doing. -...
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.01.04 | 조회 29 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Love the facial here especially from Master Elina and Jessica. Highly recommended! -Joanna W-
Wheelock Place | ysglobal | 2024.01.04 | 조회 26 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Very professional services. The boutique is cosy and private for an exclusive relax facial treatment. -Reenie Wee-
The Star Vista | ysglobal | 2024.01.04 | 조회 19 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
It’s my first time here and the staffs has been very friendly and helpful . It’s definitely an interesting experience but in a good way . Would ...
Wheelock Place | ysglobal | 2024.01.04 | 조회 21 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
I came back after 2 years I am still very satisfied Thank you so much for being kind~~♡♡ See you soon~^^
Wheelock Place | Mihyun Lee | 2023.09.20 | 조회 50 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
I see a slight change in my face shape after the first treatment. There is pain but it’s bearable. My face is less asymmetrical now. I hope it will...
Wheelock Place | Vivien Tan | 2023.09.20 | 조회 89 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Yakson’s stress care therapy works like a charm. Always feel super relaxed after.
Wheelock Place | Su Fei Cheah (SF) | 2023.09.20 | 조회 32 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Fantastic service. Attentive to details.
Wheelock Place | Sha Sha | 2023.09.20 | 조회 33 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2
Loved the treatments and staff! Would recommend!
The Star Vista | Viviana Fequira Oo | 2023.09.20 | 조회 30 | IP 1.234.♡♡♡.2