Stress Care

We take care of the shoulder line contracted by the wrong habit to make it beautiful.

* All prices quoted are excluding GST

1 Session

SGD 188

Per Month
  • Price Information 1 Session
  • Duration 30min

10 Sessions

SGD 1,500

Per Month
  • Price Information 10 Sessions
  • Duration 30min

20 Sessions

SDG 2,638

Per Month
  • Price Information 20 Session
  • Duration 30min

Relaxing healing time for shoulders and neck

Many people complain of discomfort in the shoulder and neck due to accumulated fatigue due to bad posture or lifestyle habits.
We provide intensive care for your shoulders, neck, and head so that you can be healed comfortably.

Benefits of Treatment


  • High tension in the shoulders
  • Use the neck a lot for a long time

  • Balanced shoulders
  • Beautiful neckline


Décolleté Massage

Head Gua Sha Therapy

L-line Care

*The care procedures may differ depending on the customer’s face and body condition on the day.
*For nutrition (moisturization) and face shape care, we provide customized care according to your skin and face shape.