Millia Care

It is a program that manages the skin according to the cause of milia and uses good products to get rid of milia.

* All prices quoted are excluding GST

1 Session

SGD 268

Per Month
  • Price Information 1 Session
  • Duration 55m

10 Sessions

SGD 2,150

Per Month
  • Price Information 10 Sessions
  • Duration 55m

20 Sessions

SDG 3,768

Per Month
  • Price Information 20 Sessions
  • Duration 55m

Millia Care

A skin care program that effectively addresses and protects against hardened pimples, promoting a visibly smoother and clearer skin. Our targeted approach aids to discharge the blemishes, and regenerate the skin cells for an improved complexion.

Benefits of Treatment


  • Who have milia from the inside
  • Milia after trauma such as burns
  • Milia in dry, thin skin
  • Milia on sensitive skin

  • Smooth skin texture
  • Moist skin
  • Same-day makeup and daily life possible
  • Skin without milia





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