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When you look at the Danganronpa V3: Destroying Equilibrium (Demonstration Variation), Kokichi is first seen from inside the sites room going after and you may harassing K1-B0

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When you look at the Danganronpa V3: Destroying Equilibrium (Demonstration Variation), Kokichi is first seen from inside the sites room going after and you may harassing K1-B0

Alternative Fates

The guy innocently requires K1-B0 is their friend, relatively clueless you to their tips improve Ultimate Bot end up being uncomfortable. Upcoming, the guy raises himself to help you Kaede and you will Makoto Naegi, claiming that he is the best choice off a key evil company with well over ten,100000 players. Yet not, according to him which might be a lay as he claims that he is a great liar. On talk, according to him what things to upset K1-B0, such as inquiring whether or not he has a dick or otherwise not.


Kokichi try a young boy having an innocent spicymatch kuponu browse and you will a instead delicate deal with. They have a primary stature, a finer generate, and also soft epidermis. They have purple attention and you may moderately much time, wavy blackish purple tresses, into tips dyed a better red-colored. From the formal ways book, it is known that he will not frequently love his hair while the hairstyle is a result of your playing with it-although not, he really does sometimes utilize the tincture his fucks mode and come up with themselves search evil. [5]

The guy wears a white match which have multiple straps wrapped as much as his arms, and two bands hanging broadly as much as his legs. Apparently, their pants are designed to appear to be an article of punk style with slavery pelts, however they are actually just phony devices sewed to heavier weight area of your own legs. Their shirt are ripped within hem and the collar region of it is completely gone, and you may big parts of the brand new uniform is repaired having material video clips. He’s multiple-colored keys running down the midst of their clothing, with many always undetectable under his scarf, and he features armed forces badges on his proper. His scarf has monochrome spaces switching the same as an effective chessboard. He along with wears one or two-colored black and purple slip flats, so that as present in the character design gallery, the guy seems to wear a light buckle.

Within his promotional art, they are revealed which have a dark colored moving cloak and you can a leather-based peaked hat having a silver badge on top of it, offering him a more harmful search.

From the prologue, the guy wears the latest uniform from his completely new high-school. He has got this new classical tsume-eri uniform toward properly. His directly designed uniform possess beauty from that of good university annex high-school. Like with his other attire, the bottom of his shorts is actually small. [6]

Once the a giant evaluate so you’re able to their other clothing, Kokichi’s “trendy” undergarments has much better and bright colors with purple and you can red band. Seem to, the guy wishes to cover up their playful heart and you may correct manner feel during the a place no person can look for. [5]

Regarding the Japanese version, Kokichi’s voice is oftentimes somewhat childish fitting their looks, but it occasionally turns deeper and adult, constantly when he are either mad, foreboding or flirty. He furthermore sporadically uses better sound on English version, but it’s shorter renowned since the their common sound isn’t as childish while the fresh.


Kokichi describes himself because an evil finest commander, and frequently says that the title is the reason trailing of several out-of their questionable methods because if they are expected to see his character. They are an elusive and you can manipulative person that unabashedly says to lays and you can claims any he’s thinking. He or she is plus unusually quick about his going evil nature, publicly claiming is a chief from a big miracle area, admitting to becoming good liar, and claiming he’s got done simply bad something. On top of other things, their team supposedly has covert representatives in virtually any country, control of all of the mafias around the globe, torture as a form of abuse, and you will Kokichi’s outdone opponents appear to becomes taken to Siberia. But not, nothing off their claims was basically confirmed, together with most other people think he’s possibly sleeping or delusional.


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