I started to lose weight because I was getting married in August, and I am very satisfied!
In particular, I am very satisfied with the way my face is getting smaller 🙂

2021.7.17 KㅇH 211.36.♡♡♡.180

special wedding care

When I first received counseling, I told honestly what the situation was, and seeing the consultant taking small notes, I was actually very moved 🙂 I was moved by how they give attention to the details of each part!!
2021.8.9 E 223.33.♡♡♡.185

wedding care

My concerns were stiff shoulders and dull and dry face color, and now I have received it for the 3rd time and my boyfriend just said that my face color has become brighter… Hehe I also feel that my dryness has improved a lot and my shoulder pain is much less than before haha Every time I get care the therapist ask me questions like intensity of the care, so it’s comfortable.
2021.6.12 LㅇY 27.167.♡♡♡.46

wedding care

The care takes two and a half hours. During this somewhat long time for a care, they loosen up almost every part of the body so it is really good. I had a lot of stiff neck and shoulders, but that also improved well! Thank you for the amazing care every time!
2021.5.28 MS 118.235.♡♡♡.133

special wedding care

Wedding Care Program

On your special day, prepare for a beautiful wedding with Special Wedding Care by Yakson

I always have stiff shoulders and stiff calves, so I can't be relieved more on the day I received it. Because I am pregnant, they always give extra care with back care and such. So, if you are in good condition, I highly recommend getting it from the beginning
2021.7.28 YㅇY 125.129.♡♡♡.250

Prenatal Intensive Care

I checked the postpartum care through the website, made a reservation, and started receiving care. It's really, really, really, really relieving. After receiving the care, I slept really well, and all the edema was gone!!!! I'm so satisfied.
2021.8.6 KㅇJ 180.69.♡♡♡.65

Postpartum Special Care

I am currently receiving it for the 4th time, and I am very satisfied. I feel much refreshed and relieved after taking care of my sore back, postpartum stomach, and pelvis that have not been managed yet. Besides, they take care of the skin on your legs and arms, so my tired body while raising children is being healed.
2021.8.3 BㅇJ 211.176.♡♡♡.220

Postpartum Special Care

My back was bent because of my shoulders, but I was able to straighten it out and my overall condition got better, so I became more kind to the kids and I am very satisfied. It’s been awhile since I had one, so I received care again in a week and my body feels lighter. I think the care became essential part of my life.
2021.6.24 JㅇY 118.216.♡♡♡.19

Postpartum Special Care

Special Care Program

We give treatments changing body before and after pregnancy with the know-how of Yakson.

It was the first time I received the golki course other than the face care, and at the time I felt like it’s somewhat refreshing around the shoulder area and feels lighter. But when I came back home and got to see the mirror, I was really surprised to see that my posture because so pretty. Wow, the posture can change much. I would like to continue receiving this care on a regular basis!
2021-04-17 NK 222.230.♡♡♡.2

Stress Care

I'm short, so I got this to try to grow a little bit, but it was so refreshing and so comfortable. I keep thinking that I should get it again. I’ll definitely come back 🙂
2021.2.4 KㅇS 175.223.♡♡♡.189

Youth Health Care

I'm a middle school student who is worried being short, but after receiving the care, I feel like my body has definitely gotten lighter!
My legs hurt constantly, but thanks to good care, it doesn't hurt much these days

2020.11.21 Jㅇ 223.38.♡♡♡.59

Youth Health Care

Special Care Program

To solve various problems, we provide differentiated solutions with know-how unique to Yakson.

It's my first time here an at first I was skeptical however, after going
for 15 treatments, I must say it is the best decision ever! Its worth
every single cent! The therapists here are very friendly and professional especially Lin Lin! After my 15th session, I can definitely see a huge
difference in my face as I went for the small face package. I will
definitely come back to star vista outlet =)
Thank you so much!

2021.7.28 ROS 221.148.♡♡♡.204

Small Face Care

I always felt like my back and butt were cramped because I am an office worker, but after the first care, I was moved to realize that it became more comfortable when sitting or lying down. From the 3rd to 5th care, I often heard that my face has gotten smaller and the decollete line has become more beautiful. From the 6th care, I couldn't go for about 2 months due to COVID-19, but my face size stayed the same! The care is pleasantly painful, so I feel refreshed from head to toe every time. Keep up the good work!
2020-05-29 YA 113.43.♡♡♡.238

Balanced Face Care

Very happy to come here all the time. Its very relaxing treatments, service
is excellent. And most importantly I feel the treatments are very
effective. Lower slimming always made me feel like I have a pair of new
legs. BB face is very lifting as well. Highly recommended.

2021-04-07 KRI 103.6.♡♡♡.14

Baby Face Care

On my third package with Yakson currently. Treatments are extremely
effective and you definitely see a huge improvement to your face/shape
(much smaller , more balanced, less bloated and puffy after every

2021-01-15 IV 175.123.♡♡♡.130

Face Sculpting Care

Face Care Program

Meet the differentiated facial care solution from Yakson, and the answer to various facial concerns.

Slim body care can take care of the whole body at once. In my case, since my lower body swells easily, I am receiving intensive care of my lower body. My legs are less swollen and my body is getting lighter~ The therapist also pays close attention to each part~! I'm more than satisfied ~^^"
2021.4.17 LㅇR 120.142.♡♡♡.18

Slim Body Care

"My upper body is heavier than the lower body, so I got stressed out when wearing clothes and wanted to lose weight :’(. I got myself registered just to give it a shot, and I'm really happy I did! The upper body line has become slimmer, and the sagging flesh has become more elastic and softer!"
2021.8.9 GㅇM 117.111.♡♡♡.73

Slim Upper Body Care

I was satisfied with receiving a slim lower body care, but when I received [Special Lower Body Care] I was even more satisfied. With Yakson care, the hip finds its place, and the size is reduced without causing muscle loss so that the pelvis is straight.
2021.8.4 ㅇMR 116.120.♡♡♡.167

Special Lower Body Care

I'm very satisfied with the result!! After the care, the edema goes away and my calves look thinner!
First, I was impressed that this thickness was even possible with my legs :’) Even the hardened knotted up calves are softly relaxed. After receiving care, I hardly ever have numbness in my legs

2021.7.31 YㅇY 118.235.♡♡♡.27

Slim Thigh & Calf Care

Body Care Program

A well-balanced and beautiful body line care. Meet Yakson’s unique facial care solution.

Stress care is really good. It takes care of your shoulders and neck so intensively so it’s really refreshing. You need to receive it regularly. It only takes 40 minutes per care, so it's a very good program for those who don't have time.
2021.8.7 YㅇM 39.7.♡♡♡.248

Stress Care

I felt like my pelvis had always been twisted because I usually crossed my legs a lot, but because of the kind consulting, I chose to take the care and gosh. I've only used it once and it worked perfect!! I used to have lack curve on the hips, but now I have it!!
2021.7.28 N 39.7.♡♡♡.96

Pelvis Care

I hated seeing my legs bent when I took pictures, but in a recent photo, it feels good to see the legs stay together in a straight line when I pressure on them. There is still some cares left, and I'm really looking forward to it.
2021.3.9 LㅇB 203.255.♡♡♡.96

Leg Care

The special balance care is really amazing! I mean, it’s kinda cool that I can see the effect on pelvis right away, and I spent a day regretting why I couldn’t think of getting this care earlier. Special Balance Care, I should have known from the name.
2021.6.30 KㅇJ 219.250.♡♡♡.137

Special Balance Care

Intensive Care Program

We give an intensive treament for the areas of concern with a beautiful line.

A Promise to Customer

It is a differentiated customer satisfaction system unique to Yakson for sufficient customer satisfaction.
* This is for Facial Care (including Golki therapy) only.

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