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USA location?

Hi, Are you connected to a branch in New York City? Which location is it? I keep reading that there is a location in the US. Is this it? http://yaksonwelln...

Yvonne2022.08.12Views 47

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bow legs treatmeant

is the 10 session straighten my bow legs? is that a massage or surgery??

MakatiLeiko barkawi2021.05.24Views 218

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Hi i would like to ask about the installment method for bowleg treatment. Thank you

MakatiKristine2020.10.20Views 218

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2 questions

Hello. I have two questions. 1. How long do I have to wait in between each treatment? I will be traveling to philippines from outside the country. 2. I am...

MakatiAshley2020.02.25Views 250

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Hi! I came across one of the questions regarding franchising and although I am not in a position to conduct business, I am interested in any possible addit...

MakatiShiela2019.05.02Views 220

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Is this available for men in PH?

Im interested to avail of some services, is this treatment available for men? What is the duration of the treatment? Is it done every week or every 2 weeks?

MakatiPhil2018.09.26Views 276