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Of the about three parts of accountability, the really traditional and you may common?

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Of the about three parts of accountability, the really traditional and you may common?

Title: Ch01–18;F;Pg.19 18. The fresh new delegation so you can and you can oversight from points because of the third parties-authorities, profit-centered companies, and you can nonprofits-is called a beneficial. federalism. b. societal field associations. c. bureaucratic accountability. d. government because of the proxy.

19. Governmental scientist John Gaus assented that have Woodrow Wilson one separating government of management would-be done-by enacting statutes you to definitely gave opted authorities handle to guide rules that administrators do simply manage. a great. Correct b. Incorrect

20. Policymakers don’t well worth a free chain from order instead of much more head control of the subordinates. an excellent. Real b. Untrue

21. Owners and you will selected authorities demand a lowered standard of integrity than simply one questioned in the private sector to own political appointed personal administrators. an excellent. Real b. False

22. As the various other bodies companies has ranged societies it is hard so you can care for a basic gang of top-notch norms you to definitely govern management decisions. a. True b. Not true

step 1. All following the was types of different processes one identify public communities away from private teams Except a beneficial. procedures off show. b. public analysis. C coverage formation. d. marketing.

3. The most practical difference in societal and personal teams, more oversight and gratification dimensions try an excellent. social analysis. c. long-identity personnel. d. increased exposure of best for neighborhood.

4. _________ focus on guarantee, show, and you can managing from the marketing. good. Nonprofits b. Individual organizations C Societal organizations d. Brief firms

5. Societal management pertains to A policy creation and policy execution. b. plan creation, however coverage execution. c. policy execution, although not rules development. d. none policy formation nor policy delivery.

6. One of many core items out-of societal administration ‘s the usually fuzzy line anywhere between a. public and personal teams. b. federal versus around the world bodies. c. electricity and you will inefficiency. D politics and you will management.

seven. The prospective getting management duty is to try to maximize ______ regulation in order to shed _______ control. an effective. discretionary; interior b. external; internal c. internal; discretionary D internal; additional

Woodrow Wilson’s take on ________ has established a long-term scholarly argument

8. All the pursuing the shows you improved management action inside rules formation But a beneficial. the fresh certified ability out-of agencies group. b. the elevated technicality of social rules. C. the reduced part out of legislative wedding. d. the growth off master executive’s role because the rules plan setter.

9. In place of the personal business, anyone markets are accountable to each of one’s after the Except An effective global groups. b. legislators. c. courts. d. the public.

ten. All the following the can make social groups different from individual groups But a great. field provider. b. visibility. C overall performance steps. d. societal scrutiny.

eleven. good. business principle b. the essential difference between personal and personal government c. coverage execution and you may plan creation D the newest neutrality of social government

12. Americans started initially to request a great deal more from regulators A because The second world war. b. because Business Battle I. c. once the time of Woodrow Wilson. d. because period of the Federalist Documents.

B rule of laws

13. Even when picked officials approve, direct and supply resources on the policy, ______ entrusted to help you directors is what converts new intention of the legislation to the fact. an effective. supervision B coverage execution c. nonprofit administration d. societal analysis

fourteen. Hence of your adopting the is as well inefficient doing much out-of anything but meanwhile thus strong one choices can be produced randomly as opposed to due procedure? good. worldwide teams b. personal organizations C bureaucracy d. public charities

fifteen. Government’s role inside the area is indeed pervasive it was termed “the administrative county” because of the ______ when you look at the 1948. a beneficial. Barry Bozeman b. Woodrow Wilson c. Honest J. Goodnow D Dwight Waldo


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