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He stays in the human being Business in which he owns a tiny store and that offers Shinigami issues

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He stays in the human being Business in which he owns a tiny store and that offers Shinigami issues

Kisuke Urahara (?? ??, Urahara Kisuke) ‘s the former chief of your own 12th Department, plus the creator and you will initially Chairman of the S.Roentgen.D.We.. Their lieutenant was Hiyori Sarugaki. He’s aided from the his team Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and you may Ururu Tsumugiya.


Kisuke is a large, slim man with white body and you will gray eyes. His hair is dirty and you will light-blonde (nearly soft), that have strands shaping the brand new sides of your deal with and you can dangling anywhere between their eyes, and then he enjoys jaw stubble. The guy wears a dark green Shihakusho without an undershirt. Over which, the guy wears a black colored haori, hence activities a white diamond pattern with each other its bottom half, similar to an upside-down captain’s haori. Urahara offers an enthusiast, that he sometimes uses to cover up their deal with. He always wears old-fashioned Japanese wood sandals (geta) and you can good striped dark green and you may white container cap (which will tincture their eyes), [2] which has received your new moniker “sandal-hat” (????, geta-boshi; “Mr. Hat-and-Clogs” about English dub).

Through the their earlier years in Spirit Community, he’d a flush-hairless deal with and you will used the high quality Shinigami consistent. In the a lot more casual events, he constantly used their geta. [3] The guy later wore a lengthy-sleeved captain’s haori shortly after his strategy into the rating from captain. [4]


Whether or not always a laid-right back, optimistic, jovial, modest and you can eccentric boy, Urahara reveals an excellent deceptively smart and severe top if the problem is deserving of it. He commonly spends sluggish conversation and you will outward question to distract his competitors. [5] Even after their care-totally free thoughts, he usually speaks politely, it is sometimes sarcastic. Yoruichi Shihoin notes the guy does go over the big having almost any he gets excited about. He has described themselves just like the a great “mere truthful, good looking, perverted businessman.”

Approximately 110 in years past, Urahara’s character is a little reverse regarding the goals from the expose. During the their before ages while the a master, he had been seen as an anxious, flustered, and you can quiet people. A bit being unsure of off themselves, the guy lacked believe in the ability to end up being good commander. Likewise, he was periodically mistaken for how to approach their section. Even after are awkward in his part, he looked seemingly relaxed within his past standing at second Section Detention Unit. not, he at some point hardened his eliminate to consider his role as master because of the becoming more really serious and you may determined.

Urahara can usually be found around the scene regarding an essential skills, but he rarely intervenes during the affairs, preferring to keep into the sidelines. He tend to knows additional information than simply the guy allows to the, and you will despite getting a major member regarding situation, he acts simply once the a stimulant, which have other people perform the work for your. Urahara is commonly pushy, fooling anyone into the undertaking just what the guy wishes them to.

Kisuke is actually a practical combatant, convinced that using people function needed during the an existence-and-death race is important inside win and you can emergency, such as for instance developing a keen alliance that have Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez ahead so you can overcome Askin Nakk Ce Vaar via a slip attack out-of about. [6]


Urahara spent my youth from the Shihoin Mansion within the Seireitei together with childhood family members Yoruichi Shihoin and you will Tessai Tsukabishi. [7] He entered the brand new Gotei thirteen inside the exact same time Yoruichi entered the brand new Onmitsukido, [3] and finally turned into the next Seat of your own second Office, which had been intertwined into the Onmitsukido. Included in their requirements as one of the ideal five Sitting Officers, Urahara turned into lead of Onmitsukido’s Detention Device. [8] Up to 110 in years past, the newest twelfth Department master, Kirio Hikifune, is actually advertised to the Regal Shield, [9] and you may Yoruichi necessary Urahara while the her replacement. [10]


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