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An individual who uses money having sexual activity, constantly relating to prostitution

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An individual who uses money having sexual activity, constantly relating to prostitution

trappin’ step one. adj. The new work of dealing from inside the as well as that have offering drugs for the buildup regarding money private obtain. “Yo, shortly after Larry had that deal with him or her cartels, he trappin’.”

lose ’em 1. to improve or confront someone with a learned needs. To educate anyone. “Your betta dump ’em in advance of We clean out ’em.”

key step 1. “Yo visit tids site here Calvin. That has one secret more than around with Jamie?” dos. Including put just like the a beneficial verb. “Why is Tiffany turning strategies?” or “Oh, he or she is just an information.”

triflin 1. v. In order to cheating on your boyfriend or spouse or even to be a great worst partner during the matchmaking. “Rick! Are you trifflin having Jackie? Your ideal vow Tomeka cannot learn . . . she’ll open up a could on you!” 2. “Boy, Monica is upright triflin’!” step 3. An individual who is annoying and or gets on the individuals nerves.

Talking trailing a beneficial friend’s right back, straight back stabbing; a person who enjoys drama and you can brings everyone inside to their clutter

trill step 1. adj. an individual who are well respected on avenue as they ‘ensure that it it is real’; originates from what correct and genuine. “Hi such ni##a’s are trill so that you won’t need to worry about no body snitchin’.” Lyrical reference: FLO RIDA – Become You are sure that my personal opening team iced out my nigga thus trill my nigga so trill ack as you discover

trippin 1. v./adv. (based on “tripping” ) To behave including a person who is actually hallucinating or to your an acid excursion. To behave one other people come across strange. “Woman, the reasons why you trippin . . . the guy ain’t all that!” 2. To behave in love otherwise hostile throughout the some thing or on someone. “Eh, girl! I don’t even comprehend why the guy feel trippin into the me personally whenever We end up being out.”

trolling 1. the fresh operate out of on purpose hurtful (just because you could, you might be unknown) anyone else online constantly by the looking to cheat her or him for the convinced your try intent on some disagreement otherwise point you are trying to generate, or myself fighting her or him, or saying rude responses. “David’s on line trolling toward comment element of chapel websites merely once the the guy believes it is enjoyable to upset the individuals spiritual anyone.”

troop step 1. n. an extended stroll or journey. *Even though this label isn’t popular more, they however holds saying as it has already established fool around with and could feel nonetheless into the movement in certain contexts. “Taco Bell? Which is a good troop and a half.”

truthiness 1. letter. when things is apparently, or perhaps is sensed to be real, regardless of if this is simply not fundamentally genuine.

tunnin’ step one. v. To battle perfectly; battle much. A 3rd coastline & Dirty Southern area label. “Whenever we go to a party, Jason tunnin’.”

turfin’ 1. v. turf dance or (T.You.R.F.=taking up room on to the floor) definition playing with a big area since you dancing. This form of dancing are from the Hyphy, Krumping, otherwise Bucking and is actually originated in Oakland, Ca. “JJ are effective the battle right until Rajaad been turfin’ on that deceive and you may got your aside.”

tweaker step one. adj. An individual who try hooked on methamphetamine (crank, speed). “Sally failed to sleep for over forty times, I will choice she is a tweaker.”

tweakin’ step 1. v. to act including someone who has pulled Methamphetamine. Are excessive hyper otherwise active. To behave unusually.

A sexually energetic ladies

tweaking step 1. v. In order to snort or tobacco cigarette methamphetamine (crank, speed). In some cases people will take it intervenously. “Exactly why are your figiting such, could you be tweaking once again?”

twigga step 1. letter. a version of label ‘wigga’ (white nigga), commonly included in Texas. “Jason holds true twigga, the guy symbolizing her or him twice wider trailers!” 2. letter. a black person that spends Facebook and observe the actions regarding most other black colored people. “I recently place each of my twiggas on another spot to strike upwards this evening.”


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